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What to feed or not to feed? That is the question...

Wet or Dry Food? Raw, organic, natural, or commercial? Proper ratio of protein, fat, carbs, vitamins/minerals, etc? Name brands or generic? Confused by the labels, infomercials, or the latest fads?

The following links to articles about nutrition and pet food may help sort through the confusion. A discussion with your vet about your pet's unique nutritional needs is also a good idea.

1. Mistakes People Make Feeding Cats: By Wendy C. Fries, WebMD Pet Health Feature. Reviewed by Audrey Cook, BVM&S

2. Principles of Dog Nutrition: By T. J. Dunn, Jr, DVM for PetMD

5. Six Signs It's Time to Change Your Pet's Food. By: By Jessica Vogelsang, DVM for PetMD

7. Best Healthy Dog Treats. By: Pippa Elliott for A-Z Vets

8. Cat Treats and Snacks: What’s Healthy? By: Wendy C. FriesWebMD Pet Health Feature Reviewed by Audrey Cook, BVM&S

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